Why do I need fitness training?

Friday night conversation internal dialogue only (insert name here) –

I like my life the way it is, I don’t need to change, things are awesome, I like pizza, I like my beer, I like my $5.00 milky coffee to wake me up in the morning. Hey is that an ice cream store, I haven’t had one of those since Monday, that will keep me awake until I get home for dinner.

Saturday night conversation internal dialogue only (insert name here) –

I can’t go out because my pants don’t fit me, I will have to buy some more, probably a shirt as well. Lets have some more pizza because I like it after a few beers, it makes me feel good.

I have work tomorrow, I need a good sleep to night those beers will help.

Sunday Morning conversation internal dialogue only (insert name here) –

My indigestion kept me awake last night, I am running late to have breakfast, its OK I will have a burger and a coffee on the way to work.

Total calorie intake for pizza and beers = (more than you need for the whole day, possibly two)

Nutritional value = 0

Cost for antacid = $ (extra and potentially not needed if eating a beneficial diet)

Total monetary expenditure (not including pants and shirt) = $ lots

Potential for accelerating congenital genetic disorder? Very high.

Sound familiar? This is not the path you were designed for, you were designed to run across fields, you were designed to climb mountains, pick fruit from tress, the vegetables from the ground, the rivers, the seas and eat meat when you could catch it. A bit extreme, I know, but you know what? Change the path of disingenuous habits and take the least expensive route and healthier one too. By no means am I saying swap your suit pants for a loin cloth, but I am suggesting if you start treating your body how it needs to be treated and not how you want to treat it you may possibly have a less stressful life.