The following Torqueadian regimes may be used independently or as a regime which builds upon itself. Each prescription develops fundamental body mechanics which improves the individuals ability to adapt to their environment.

The concept of Torqueadia allows an individual to express themselves in a unique manner which incorporates fitness and fantasy.  A person who wishes to develop a beneficial lifestyle often embraces fantasy as a way to expedite change. This is a very powerful concept and one which a Torqueblade we understand very well.  So with blade in hand and eye on the past, best foot forward and tongue in cheek – we embrace the concepts of Torqueadia and step forward.

The attributes we develop from this are:

  • Stress managment concepts
  • Improve endurance
  • Improve strength
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve range of motion
  • Improve self esteem

Torqueblade – Torsion Training:

 Burn 750 to 840 cals per hour:

The exercises of Torqueblade are based on modern functional fitness principles

Many of my exercises incorporate added leg motions for a full body workout and are designed to challenge (in a safe manner).

  • Balance
  • Range of motion
  • Dynamic change of direction
  • Endurance
  • Strength

“Train from the inside out, fitness first, esthetics will follow, become the natural, adaptable, desirable creature we were designed to be”.

“The Torqueblade has been specifically designed to be an awkward implement. An unbalanced tool challenges grip, coordination and body mechanics. Once these challenges have been overcome, the quicker one can adapt. To allow adaptability to flourish a training tool with the ability to increase and decrease its load would be ideal”.

Force is Power and Power is strength to develop and maintain motion or the cessation of motion. Therefore, Strength in motion!

“The exercises cross as many planes of motion as possible to be as varied as the activities we encounter in everyday life, including recreation and at work.”

There are nine full body exercises incorporating the lower and upper extremities. These exercises coupled with the Persian/Indian club swinging motions make an excellent all over body conditioning regime. Because of the configuration of the exercises, and continuous rhythm, a submaximal anaerobic threshold is maintained throughout the session. In other words, you will be breathless but able to hold a conversation when training. This is the most economical way to effectively increase levels of strength to weight ratio and endurance. In other words; lean body mass and sleek muscles.

“Everything that we do requires our muscles to work in synergy. Every required task moves through all three planes of motion (multi-planer). Only the intent changes the outcome”.

The exercises for functional fitness (Torqueblade Training) may look familiar as the human body can only move in so many ways. However, they are based on motions I have been exposed since I started fitness martial training in 1983. I have taken into account the need for prehabilitation of the joints on the lower extremities and compound motions required for every day life.

I have personally been training in this manner for 2002. I have developed greater grip strength, more range of motion in my shoulder girdle, a stronger core and strength to weight ratio. I have also had success with several of my students and they are constantly challenged by the Torqueblade regime.

Torquetribe – synergistic strength:

Burn up to 850 cals per hour!

The competition is within you!
Torquetribe is a concept which embraces the principles of functionality and a stylized interpretation of military fitness training.
The regime has been slightly tempered to fit a broader range of participants.
People of any level of fitness will benefit from the class. Each person completes the regime at their own rate of perceived exertion. You train as part of the tribe, you do your best, the goal is to finish the exercises with good form.
You compete with yourself. Somedays you will struggle. Somedays you will excel. This is the nature of things.
Torquetribe is best described as a boot camp and a rite of passage.  Battle your inner demons and embrace success.
· Improvement in – Endurance, flexibility, esteem, strength, adaptability and lean muscle mass
· Reduction in – Body fat and risk of cardiovascular disease

Tranquilblade – Meditation in motion:

“A treasure has no worth, if it is obtained without duress.
The value is not within the prize, but can be found within the quest”

Tranquil – A state of composer, serenity and calmness
Blade – The edge of a tool designed to perform a desired action

Increase focus – relax and lower stress, burn up to 380 cals per hour

Tranquility of mind is not domination of the mind but rather steering it in a desired direction. This is achieved by using exercises that challenge our perception of reality. These exercises are used in meditation and are also associated with a modern interpretation known as cognitive behavioural concepts.

Many people may find it awkward to meditate in a stationary position; after all trying to relax a restless body can often prove to be counterproductive to the desired task at hand. Meditation in motion is commonly associated with Yoga, Qi gong and Ti Chi. These arts assist by allowing the mind to rest on the physical activity of the forms being practiced by using visualization and breathing techniques.

These techniques ground a practitioner in the here and now. Tranquilblade is a prescription of motions and cognitive behavioural concepts combined. Tranquilblade amalgamates several sword forms common to the South East Asian archipelago (namely the Philippines) that lay claim to the heredity of Spanish sword masters and mobilizing exercises based on Persian club swinging as well as the aforementioned concepts of mediation in motion. As a caveat to my interpretation of several sword arts and codified physical prescription, I wish to inform you that I am merely a seasoned practitioner and lay no claim to represent a particular art. Furthermore, I instruct the amalgamated double sword forms and mobilization exercises in a manner that offers no combative application to the practitioner. However, my instruction is directed toward the Tranquilblade prescription only as a vehicle to develop the concept of meditation in motion. This concept of meditation in motion is greatly enhanced by using cognitive behavioural concepts. A participant plays a chosen role as they develop the Tranquilblade form, concentration and character are tested as internal and external realities are challenged by the use of the Torqueblades and the exercises of the Tranquilblade prescription.

The Torqueblades (sans Companion-blade) specific design enhances graceful movement by challenging grip, coordination and balance. Blades have been used in forms of meditation for millennia. Many a knight has held a vigil over his garb, armor and Blade.

Certain blades are embedded with spiritual significance. Throughout history there are stories of blades with magical powers such as:
Excalibur (Uthor Pendragon), Hrunting (Beowoulf), Kusanagi-no-tsurugi (Japanese God – Susanoo), Shashir-e Zomorrodnegar (King Slomon), Sword of Pelus (Greek mythology), Zulfigar (the sword Ali ibn Abu Talib the son in law of Muhammad and the model of Islamic Chivalry), Caladbolg (Fregus mac Rioch), Claimoh Solais (Sword of light – Belonged to Nuada leader of the Tuatha de Dannan) Sword of Freyr (faught on its own) the list is endless. With the blade come – responsibility, honour and respect. All qualities worth meditating on I am sure you will find.

To this day the significance of the blade is still an important one, for example in some cultures blades are presented to young people as a rite of passage into adulthood. The culture of the blade is still alive.


Sentinel is a conditioning program that may prepare a participant for fencing with a tool of opportunity. The Torqueblade challenges the participants’ body mechanics for martial efficacy whilst preparing for the use of unbalanced tools. Combative training is not taught. However, if a participant is interested in online instruction is available.

The Art of Adaptability:

The fitness concepts of Torqueblade are assisted with the proven methodology of cognitive thinking. Various tools or symbols are used when training, including but not limiting to Visual and Tactile. These tools instigate certain archetypes within a person and if used mindfully allow a person to develop a beneficial lifestyle.  Remember you only get out what you put in. Edges out, stay sharp!