The Torqueblade training program will take you through the thought process and concepts of functional fitness. An ongoing mentoring program for instructors is available.

Be part of Torquenation – Share the knowledge.

As an Ambassador/Instructor of Torqueblade, you’ll find that this philosophy extends to the relationship we have with all participants. We aim to promote and develop fitness partnerships where individuals learn skill sets and routines that promote the fundamentals of fitness. We promote understanding of the difference in goal setting and prize gaining. The difference between aesthetics and wellness.

Before you start: You’ll be provided with the skills and tools that will help prepare you for building your following in Torqueblade training routines and products:

  • Support Program– This specialized program will provide you with all the support you need to know for daily processes, along with the initial steps required to promote Torqueblade and run the classes. You will be trained to develop the correct methodology and principles of fitness.
  • Online and Seminar Training – A special, two-day course that instructs the fundamentals of Torqueblade torsion training (a gateway program into the other available regimes. Online training is needed to develop your skillset further). Once completed you will be tested. Extra assistance to pass the grading is available. However, only you can develop the skills by practicing. Once you pass the grading you will receive your Instructor certification.

As a qualified Ambassador/Instructor – You’ll be provided with continued support through these resources:

  • Product discount for start-up
  • Product discount for resale
  • Torqueblade apparel discount
  • Promotion Material – Business card, poster and flyer artwork
  • Banners – Product display and regime configuration
  • Web promotion – an online community with clients and Torque home.
  • Online support

Area Ambassadors are your link to the Torqueblade home. Or you can contact Torqueblade home directly. Either way, you will receive help with any issues that arise while operating your programs. You also have the opportunity to offer solutions to issues that arise which we have not come across. This is a community we all benefit from each other.

The apprenticeship is broken down into four tiers the first being the introduction program which takes place on two days and lasts for a total of 12 hours.   When taking this course you are not bound by any agreement to start the process as an apprentice instructor but the option is available.  Included with the program is a pair of Torqueblades.   This program available online (see below).  Be part of the Torqueadia mythos and expedite your fitness regime or open your own Embassy of Torqueadia.

Tier one, Valued at $ 350  and allows you to become an Acolyte or just gain the CEC’s no pressure either way.  If you choose to take the first step on the road to be an Artificer (a person of skill)  you will need to have completed the foundation course.  You will know how to complete the exercises with good form and a basic understanding of the methodology.
Tier two, can either be obtained by completing approximately 15 ($70 per lesson) private lessons.   Or challenge a brief exam for practical and theory for competency $1250.  When you succeed you will be an Apprentice.
Tier three, As an Apprentice you have the skills to teach but still need to be honed.  This is your practicum and your chance at making some cash, you will have to instruct 30 hours and document the proceedings (and charge the group accordingly).
Tier four, to become a fully qualified Artificer you must complete a final physical (expediting the regime) and written essay $250.
Once this has been completed there is assistance with funding for purchasing the merchandise for the initial start-up. Other business opportunities are available after startup such as:

  • Being part of the family
  • On line support
  • Discount on other Torque regimes
  • Discount on product
  • All instructors will be advertised on the website

The fee below is for the online program and you will need a computer that can operate skype. If you have any questions please contact me. 250 581 0582.

Rep’ program

Additional fees for promotional material and equipment are included in the Representative package.  The cost of shipping will be adjusted accordingly if shipped directly from the manufacturer or North America. Unfortunately, custom fees are outside my control.

For online tuition, a video-chat application will be required.

Edges out, stay sharp.  Regards Michael