Is the Torqueblade regime only for men?

The idea that training regimes must differ for females and males, this is an untruth. The human body is basically the same for both sexes, apart from the obvious. Unless we grow a third arm, the way we move and manipulate our environment will never change. Fitness training, which includes, flexibility, strength and endurance modules, enhances the body regardless of gender. A person’s genetics will determine the shape but the environment determines how that shape will manifest. For example, environmental stressors such as toxic or noxious gasses, poor food choices or availability of nutritious foods, weather, low lands dweller or highlands dweller, physical employment as opposed to purely mental employment all have an effect on how our genetics assist with our development. For example the same plant will thrive in the sun but not so good in the shade. So – physical activity and a healthy lifestyle will have a positive effect on your physiology regardless of sex. Quite simply put, women will become more feminine and men more masculine.

Another myth I come across on a regular basis is that if a lady uses weights she will end up looking like a man, this also untrue and an unfounded fear. Over the years instructing in fitness I have had this discussion on a regular basis. Most ladies want to complete hours and hours of cardio because they believe this is the way to rid themselves flabby arms, butt and tummy. The ladies lose overall weight but don’t achieve the desired sleek body tone. If a person (male of female) purely uses a cardiovascular training format they will not develop the necessary muscle to have the desired natural athletic physique.

This is because an over abundance in cardiovascular training will eventually lead to cannibalization of one’s own muscular system. The body then carries on storing fat as an energy supply and the bingo flapping arms soon return. What makes it worse is that you are now skinny and have no muscle tone. The message here is that resistance training (weights) is a part of the required format to challenge the body as it would do in nature.

In short have ago, you wont’ know if you like it unless you try it. Many an opportunity has been lost due to indecision or fear – over come both and try something new. If we do not challenge ourselves we stagnate.

I prefer the enlightened clientele. It’s very rarely these days that anything worthwhile is discovered or that people are prepared to undergo the journey of discovery for their own benefit. So the question is, “Are you brave enough to challenge the bean counters expectations of Ladies and fitness?”