Motivation in Fitness.

Since Zombies are a popular cultural past time I thought it would be a nice to share information about how Zombie Apocalypse Survivor (Z.A.S.) movies are a great metaphor and possible motivation for introspection and lifestyle. I realize that this may be a tenuous link, but bare with me, the survivors in these movies need to be very adaptable to their environment. The Z.A.S. need to keep their eye on the prize, live in the now, have good cardio, strength, body mechanics and last but not least, hand eye coordination. The question that arises from this list is “How do we obtain these attributes?”

Well the first thing is that we need to acknowledge is change. Most folks understand the need to change and are partially motivated until it comes to the crunch. They decide not follow their initial desire to change. To obtain the desired attributes a person needs motivation and must dig deep within themselves to fully appreciate all the ramifications as they take their first step towards their desired prize and lifestyle change.

The Z.A.S. needs no motivation other than that of not appearing on a menu. For us regular folk we need to cultivate motivation to aid in our success, which may be as simple as recognizing our needs opposed to our wants. The principles of the Z.A.S. may assist us in this task.

The essentials, what you need rather than what you want.

Set goals to achieve your prize

Remain Focused on your prize

Cultivate interest in many activities (you may need to know how to bungee jump from a helicopter whilst snowboarding – hypothetical Zombie Apocalypse – anything is possible)