Torqueadian Times back issue

Why a fusion of fitness and fantasy?

Simply – to fantasize on a subject whether fact or fiction inspires us to accomplish greater things.  The fact is, by thinking about a subject we change the way that we feel.

A sad or funny story told, has the same affect as one experienced – we cry or laugh.

Imagine what self-limiting thoughts accomplish?

Now imagine what self-liberating thoughts may accomplish?

Through the stories of Torqueadia and the experiences of the characters we can be inspired by their hardships and accomplishments to reach for our goals.  The attributes we gain from this endeavor may be shared with other travellers on the roads of Torqueadia.

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All exercises programs are applicable for a prudent person of a regular mental disposition.  The exercises are based on the sound principles of progression, functionality and rate of perceived exertion.  A feeling of effervescent exuberance is often encountered; please temper your display of enthusiasm.

On the other hand, all newspaper articles are pure fiction. Any bearing on past or present actions of individuals who may have had similar experiences is purely coincidental. Also, taking into consideration that the universe is constantly changing I reserve my right to do like wise.

TRQ REC POSTER C1860 MOSAECMinistry of Information Correspondent:

Today Malic Napper, head of the Ministry of Science and Exploration Corps (MOSAEC), is pleased to announce opportunities in the colonies for advancement to the gentry.

Simply apply at your local regimental headquarters and the recruitment officers will forward your application to MOSAEC.

Remember, all of those who survive gain a minimum of a hectare of land and are deemed pensionable on completion of their successful contract.


Secrets shared from the Tao of Torque:

An interview with: Argent Bracci – Council member of the Torqueadian Advocates of Physical Prowess

By Stanley Morton Correspondent for the Torqueadian Times

Stanley Morton: Good day Chief Instructor Bracci, I am glad that you can take a moment from your schedule to talk to us at the Times.

Argent Braci: My pleasure Mr. Morton, by the way my name is pronounced Bracki.

S.M.  What did I say?

A.B. Brayssy

S.M. I am most dreadfully sorry, I do apologize.

A.B. No harm done, shall we continue?

S.M. Yes lets. Erm, my notes, have been er? Ah yes, right. We have many correspondences from our readers requesting assistance with their health. Do you have any suggestions?

A.B. Well Stanley, I am glad that you put that question before me, as the information that I will share with you is actually common knowledge.

S.M. How so?

A.B. I am sure every one of your readers has read or at least heard the fables of Torqueadia, wouldn’t you agree?

S.M. Yes of course, but they do not speak to the modern person, the stories are allegorical and may lead to self-interpretation.

A.B. Quite so, quite so. In actual fact, many of the stories are based on sound reasoning.

S.M. Such as?

A.B. Consider the story of “The Thieves from Ignorance” Where the perpetrator is caught by his own deception.

S.M. If I remember he thought that the lady knight marshal hunting him had gathered his war bands heads in a sack and thrown them through the broken window. I believe the sack was full of rotten rutabagas.

A.B. Do you remember what she said when Samuel complained that she had tricked him?

S.M. Oh hold on a moment, erm? Yes, she said “The way you judge yourself affects the way you judge others and therefore the world”.

A.B. Near enough, but yes. If people have a less than genuine opinion of themselves then they will act that way.  People will generally avoid tasks, which are hard and distasteful in favor of those, which feel good.

S.M. Well I understand that, I am sure most of our readers will as well.

A.B. I am glad to hear that, but I will go further and say that the way that we judge the world by our own experiences has a direct effect on our decisions and therefore many of us will follow a disingenuous lifestyle rather than a beneficial one.

S.M. How can a person tell the difference from a disingenuous or beneficial lifestyle?

A.B. Time for one thing, your actions will eventually catch up with you. Self-awareness for another, observe the things you fear and what holds you back from your dreams.

S.M. And if a person discovers that their lifestyle is not copasetic, what should they do?

A.B. Change the way they do things, most people fear to aspire in the event of limited success. How insane must we be, to know that a beneficial lifestyle will stave off illness and ageing, yet we shun the very idea in favor of disingenuous past-times?

S.M. Many reading now may believe that to change may be to hard?

A.B. It depends what motivates them, the Advocates of Torqueadian Physical Prowess are always available to assist in any issue, feel free to pass on our contact information Mr. Morton. If I may, I have here a few vidflicks describing the fundamental motions of the ancient regime.  I hope your subscribers enjoy the distraction supplied by Chief Instructor Holdsworth.

S.M. I will Sir, good luck to you.

A.B. And you Sir.

S.M. Below are the following vidflicks shared by Mr Bracci