Eresh – Ki, the eater of dust

Eresh – Ki, the eater of dust

An excerpt from:

“The blades of Torqueadia”

She could taste it on the air.

She could feel the change, a prickling on her hosts skin made the hairs stand on end.

Eresh Ki looked upon the field of her followers all embraced within her many facets. Her host was none the wiser; he had no knowledge of her presence. His arrogance blinded him to his weakness.

Her influence grew.

Eresh Ki saw through many eyes and day-by-day grew stronger. Her influence slowly crossed over to the material world by swaying the emotional contagion of the collective consciousness.  A suggestion here and a nudge there turned the herd from a state of euphoria to fear born of lust and hunger.

The energy accumulated at large gatherings, Helthaheth games, Concerts, and Ceremonies were all possible harvest lands and now, evermore so, as her abilities were at their most potent.

Her hand stretched out and the shadow it cast fell up on her followers, she spoke out, “Swift my child?”

Swift closed his eyes as soon as he heard the question, when next he opened them he stood on that pale land.

“Mother, you awaken? We are close to the prize, your host has aided you well”, he said

She stood next to him. “Walk with me. Tell me? Have you faired well in my absence?”

“I have lived, and the hosts blur into each other, I have missed the radiance of your being my lady.”

“This is why you are my hand Swift, above the rest, you are the most noble. How many Veho are left that follow? I no longer hear the multitude of voices.”

Swifts head fell, he sighed. “We number only three. Ratcliff fell this night. The low tone trapped him in his host as it expired”

“No matter child. What we have lost in Veho we have gained in willing supplicants. Perhaps we may even find those who are adaptable enough to cross over. We shall see in good time. Mean while, get me those hideous blades.”

“Yes mother,”

Swift opened the eyes of his host that sat crossed legged on the park bench. Next to him were Finley and Deville.

‘”How was she? Was she beautiful?” asked Finley

“Will she speak with us soon?” asked Deville

“Yes. I am sure of it.” He paused and pointed his hand to the tree line. “Be gracious though my friends, for here is her gift to us, the loyal family,”

Walking from the shadows from within the trees came the hungry Rager’s.