Torqueadian fable – The shadow that protects the light

Torqueadian fables
an excerpt from “The Shadow that protects the light”

The Torqueadian stood alone with her back against the light and faced the darkness which contained fear, ignorance and doubt. Rain began to fall.

Typical, she thought.

Feeling the cold soak into her soles as she stood in the pooling rain water, the Torqueadian lifted her gaze from her feet. She immediately changed her thought externally and focused on the situation unfolding. As her chin came up, she spied her nemeses in the crowded darkness. She gripped her Torqueblades one in each hand, the touch was reassuring. One blade she had named Resilience, the other Retribution. The Torqueadian cried her challenge to the darkness, “I know you, I accept you. Come, embrace my blades!”

Then darkness swarmed around her. She intercepted the onslaught redirecting force. The energy passed round her and over her. She was a shining blur, like a bright star in the cold winters night sky. She moved with precise control, each of her strikes burning the fear and ignorance away.

The kin of stagnation fled before her shadow.

Only she remained.

“Standing stalwart before the light, protecting those within.

Leading with example, a Knight Paladin.”