Fitness Trends – The Excalibur Attraction

Fitness trends? Fitness Gimmicks?

What does a mythical sword have to do with fitness training?

Fitness training is often considered by many as an extra curriculum activity; when in truth it is a necessity. If a prudent person of a regular disposition comes to a decision regarding a beneficial lifestyle, they will make a choice. If they do not search through the quagmire of information readily available, they may be in for an unpleasent surprise.

In the fitness industry there are many choices to be made that attract individuals of varying demographics.  Many of the options available are based on programs ranging from rehabilitation to sport specific.  Most of these programs are geared for the media accepted stereotype and take into consideration the level of fitness for those individuals.

More often than not, a training routine will be defined by the piece of equipment or tool that is associated with the exercises. The physical attributes gained by the practitioner of that particular style of training are also associated with the training tool, hence “The Excalibur attraction”.  The piece of equipment becomes an Icon rather than the knowledge of the routines.

The potential problem associated with ownership of an Icon tool, which can endow physical attributes, is that the knowledge on how to use the tool efficiently is not transferred by ownership alone. A piece of equipment may seem attractive due to the potential physical gains but do not be mesmerized, the actual worth of the tool is the knowledge of the execution of exercises in the correct mental and physiological state.

As with the sword Excalibur, many sort its power but only the one with the correct knowledge would gain from its use.

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