Retrospection – Looking back, moving forward.

Retrospection – Looking back, moving forward.

Perhaps the thought of retrospection does not hold all the answers.  To be sure there are many signposts for one to read where past mistakes may have been avoided by simply taking another route.

The saying goes “hindsight is perfect vision”, this equates to – mistakes will still be made, hopefully not the same ones.  There are many examples of errors being remade in fitness, which is surprising for me. I don’t like to waste time and I presume that others are like-minded.   As creatures of habit it behoves us to seek beneficial ones.






Principles to define a beneficial lifestyle:

▪   The only constant is change

▪   Adaptability is fitness

▪   All body mechanics are similar only the intent defines the outcome

▪   Perception is reality and reality is Perception

Without being to dramatic or to cryptic explore the above principles and in doing so you will learn more about the way you work.  I find that self-discovery has a higher degree of inertia for that first step on the path of a beneficial lifestyle.