Cosplay and Reenactment Skills Develop Fitness Goals

Can Cosplay or Reenactment pastimes develop new behaviour?

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A published fantasy novel. A girl is gifted a pair of wooden blades of a disbanded religious sect. Within the wood lies a secret.

I believe cosplay or reenactment past times can develop new behaviour and more folks should try to engage in positive mindfulness practise when exercising. What inspires?  What motivates? Fear?  Well yes, that makes folks move pretty quickly, but then it can also paralyze encouraging people to hide within themselves. Desire on the other hand inspires people to move and to engage.  It is possible to say that folks are attracted to something different from the norm and there are many reasons for this. However, this encourages people to look to the horizon and ask, “I wonder what’s beyond?”

By dreaming of other possibilities we are inspired, we move and on that journey we develop skills and grow.  When we tell others of our discovery, and as the story unfolds it inspires like-minded individuals.  Further more, people will associate with certain specifics of the story that resonates with their own previous experiences.

Anecdotes, fables, sermons all motivate people; they may be real or fictional to elicit a response.  Either actual or perceived, the effect on the physiology of the listener – if fully engaged – is the same, the person becomes emotionally engaged.

If this concept is taken further and we amalgamate principles of fitness conditioning with inspirational stories we have a greater chance of success. If we desire attributes that we associate with the characters in a story we can challenge ourselves to emulate our hero’s and stay the course.