Physical Prescriptions of Torqueadian Physical Prowess

The Blades of Torque –

The blade is not sharp; it is made of 1 inch deep, 3 inch wide and 24-inch long piece oak and weighs about 2lbs.  The design is such that it will challenge grip and coordination, as it is tip heavy. The inspiration is that of the Nepalese Kukri, Indonesian Kris and Indian/Persian Club, adding or removing companion blades of oak or dull edged metal, for each specific regime, can adjust the load.

“All actions are similar, intent changes the everything”

Torqueblade –

Torqueblade torsion training takes its name from the training tool and is the gateway program to the Art of Adaptability.  The training tool is important for several reasons.

The first is that of edge awareness. The idea of a blade is to maximize the amount of force with the minimum amount of effort; the Torqueblade provides an understanding of how to develop that force defined by visual and tactile feed back. It is this feed back that accelerates a person’s development of body mechanics and strength in motion or grace.  As a training tool for instructors the Torqueblade offers a great baseline and conversation point to address the form of the exercise.

The torsion training exercises are an amalgamation of generic functional exercises based on Persian and Indian club training as well as medicine ball training.  The regime is governed by the concepts of functionality, progression and anaerobic threshold training. The interesting thing about the inspirational regimes is that both were codified by the west in the Victorian era on either sided of the Atlantic and both originate in Persia over 3000 years ago.

Each exercises owns its own evoke glyph and is part of nine sub circuits grouped into three larger which we call Verses. The attributes gained are stamina, range of motion, quickness and strength, in other words – adaptability.

The second reason is that the concept of the blade is almost as old as fire and to this day still inspires. There are many stories regarding the properties of the blade, most attach magical or religious meaning or a rite of passage to the symbol. Either way, when a person holds a Torqueblade in their hand, they smile and their physiology changes and this is an opportunity not to be missed. The Torqueblade also becomes a receptacle for all the various experiences that are associated with each regime practiced.

Tranquilblade –

The Tranquilblade regime is described by the use of six evoke glyphs one for each of elements that represent each form. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit and Chaos. Why Chaos? Well, without it there would be no movement, no ebb and flow.  The Tranquilblade regime may be practiced in a group, alone or as a two person flow drill.  There is no combative application taught, although a person not familiar with Tranquilblade would be mistaken otherwise.  The regime amalgamates the generic sword forms of the Southeast Asian archipelagoes (Philippines and Indonesia) and Europe.  Meditation in motion exercise allows those of us who find it hard to meditate an understanding of the benefits. The process of connecting the body and mind with the bridge of breathing is easier when we move. A form of meditation is experienced when a person allows dance to happen or in traditional pastimes such as Ti Chi, Qi gong and Yoga.

Torquetribe –

The third Torqueadian regime is a non – traditional boot camp. I liken the program as a mark of acknowledgment and respect for those who rush into danger for our safety and security of their loved ones and family. I believe that many boot camps condition the body effectively but miss the opportunity to develop self-esteem. Although self-esteem may be an attribute of fitness training it may develop quicker if a practitioner focuses on the subject. To add a sense of accomplishment I designed the program layout to mimic a generalized scenario experienced by those whose vocation it is to rush towards danger. For example:

A run followed by a three mini functional fitness circuits and then run to walk as a cool down prior to a post stretch.

The program incorporates exercises that develop attributes such as strength, mobility, flexibility, stamina and quickness.

Torquetribe promotes the concept that the competition is within you and not the others in the gathering. You seek to master each exercise and continually improve. Although you are part of a group, your experience is personal and that means you should focus on developing your own abilities. A rite of passage if you like, albeit a small one.

To assist with each program, literature is offered in the form of Evoke glyphs. Each glyph is specific to each regime and individual exercise. The glyph is used to focus on as a point of reference for the physical and mental aspect of the exercise. Below are several exercises from each of the Torqueblade verses.