Circling – Shoulder mobilization.



Torqueblade evoke glyph – Circle Aft.


This exercise acts as an elbow mobilizing and arm strengthening exercise. The shoulder girdle is again challenged as the chest and upper back are strengthened. There are several circling combinations including:



  • Forward
  • Aft’
  • Alternate forward
  • Alternate aft’
  • Synchronized

The training tool is brought up so that the hands are in front of the Torqueadian’s face, the tools will be edge up and the back is parallel to the ground. Both forearms are perpendicular to the ground. It is important to maintain forearm and wrist alignment, this ensures a safe execution of the exercise. The elbows abduct from the chest, which moves the tips of the tool to rear of the head. The tools are then elevated by pushing the hands up and out from the body allowing the tools to move away from the body challenging balance and coordination. The blades follow the path on the frontal plane, cross in front of the knees and come to rest back in front of the face, ready to repeat again.