The bespoke blade – A tail of a short sword

Hi folks, thanks for reading. You’re probably looking at the big shiny’s, right here.

I must say, I really enjoy training with these short swords.

A pair of Torqueblade's made by Sanjay’s bladesIth’s

Before I start discussing the unique training concept of Torqueblade and the short sword that has lent its name to the program, I thought I’d share a bit of a preamble. As a young man I struggled with physical adaptability. My level of fitness and natural athleticism did not measure up to that of my peers. For a short time I became very critical of myself and decided to do something about it. Not knowing much about fitness, I followed the examples of regular training paradigms available, but these were mainly used for separating the wheat from the chaff in school sports teams.  Eventually I tried boxing, weight training and running, to condition myself for the rigours of military selection for the British Royal Navy (R.N.) once accepted and for that period, my life revolved round the military ethos and accepted levels of fitness. I am reminded of the irony at this point, that whilst as a member of the R.N. I had a golden opportunity to pursue club training as a form of functional development, as at one time in the history of naval fitness, this happened to be a core routine. Although, at the time of my service this had changed, and my pursuit of club training had not fully been realized. It did however remain in my peripheral vision and became part of my inspiration for Torqueblade torsion training.

Several years later, after my service in the R.N. I pursued boxing, judo and Tai Chi, I then came across Filipino Martial Arts. A fascinating study for me and one that I still pursue to this day.

After a work injury I took the opportunity to retrain myself as a fitness instructor, studying functional patterns, strength conditioning and as a side pursuit of trying to understand the most efficient way to develop habitual/emotional memory for physical and emotional adaptability.

In 2004 after writing many fitness programs for sports clubs, individuals and instructing martial arts for many years, I took the next step and decided to codify my own program with a training tool I designed, known as the Torqueblade to promote the benefits of Training with Sword and as a way to inspire a positive role model of the warrior archetype.

Now wait a minuet, I’m not just talking about martial efficacy. I’m talking about functional fitness. Potatoes-tomatoes? Not really, martial is specific and the blade work – stabyish?

Functional is generic, an understanding of the concept of blade edge and the benefits of applying the load to the plain of motion – less staby. Furthermore, once the body is able to move efficiently, the person is more adaptable and able to pick up more specific motions.

That’s why I designed the Torqueblade, I needed a top heavy tool with a defined edge to execute my functional exercises. The are based on generic functional training patterns, Indian/Persian club straining, medicine ball and peripheral heart training.

Wooden Torqueblade’s for functional fitness

Most Torqueblades are cut from 1 1/2 inch thick wood or 1/4 aluminum with wood or mild steel companion blades to increase the load. The companionblade may be used as dagger to complement the short sword for martial drills.



That being said, until recently, the thought of having a pair of real blades made with high carbon spring steel, had not crossed my mind, until it did.

Then the question came to mind where do I go to order my bespoke blade? In the past I had bought a bit of cutlery from a real gent, by the name of Sanjay of Kuhkrihouse in Kathmandu. So I thought that I would reach out. What could I loose?

Sanjay agreed to work with me and after several failed attempts to send my design by mail, I thought it would never happen. Mind you, we were in the middle of the pandemic and I reckoned it might be a long shot. I thought it might be cheaper if I flew and delivered it myself, ‘cept my wife would be wee a bit fed up if I did. So that was out of the question. So Sanjay and I emailed for a bit and I eventually sent the patterns by email.

After a few discussions, The initial process started. Then the lockdowns started and production stopped. Right in the crappiest part of the lockdowns, if there ever was a specific part? We had to hold space until folks were able to travel again and get to work.

Eventually Sanjay’s blade smiths were able to start in earnest.

Looking back I realized I had to get past the language barrier. Now dont get me wrong, Sanjay speaks better English than I. I’m talking about the conceptual language barrier – that of ideas. Let’s face it, some fella wants a bloody big knife/short sword made for fitness training and it must be made like a real blade, have an edge but not be sharpened, but if the want  of a live edge arose, it could be. This may be a view askew for folks who make blades for more practical reasons.

I did have a bit of trepidation about the commission of, shall we say, a training tool that looks as if it could be used as a punctuation in physical discourse. I had to reconcile this and managed to do so as it is an unwieldy tool for sure and the live edge is muted for folks that practice the art of Torqueblade in earnest.

After all it is not the tool but the mind that is dangerous.

The whole process of working with Sanjay, a trans global collaboration for sure, has been an enjoyable process. A few surprises along the way and, overall, a worthwhile enterprise.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sanjay and Khukrihouse as a point of contact for your bespoke blade.

If your curious about buying a pair of Torqueblades by Sanjay please follow this link:

if your interested in the functional training please go to the link below for online videos or you can reach out to me by email.

[email protected]

Edges out, stay sharp folks!