Temporal Torqueadian Embassy’s:

Popping into your reality soon.  If you think you have the emotional clarity to take part in a health and wellness lifestyle that uses the concept of embracing the escapism of a Neo-Victorian dystopian fantasy as the inspiration for change then seek out your nearest Advocate of Torqueadian physical Prowess.

Be prompt, it takes a lot of power to hack a path through realities and we can only keep it open for an hour or two, a few times a week.

Temporal Torqueadian Embassy’s points of arrival:


Country: CANADA


Venue: Fitness Inc, local time 7pm, Tuesdays – Torqueblade & Torquetribe

The below fees are only for Torqueadian programs locally.  Seminars and online tuition are available.  Please contact me or  other instructors locally, for a quote, E-mail [email protected] or C# 250 581 0582, skype me – “blade torquer” or follow me on Facebook “Argent Bracci”. Edges out, Stay sharp!

Best regards


“Edges out, stay sharp”.

Group fitness training

Group Training space is limited, please be sure to book early to guarantee a space.

Personal or Small Group Training

For cancelation 24 hour notice is required for personal or small group training.

  • Torqueblade – Torsion Training – Mondays & Thursdays. 6pm to 7pm
  • Tranquilblade – Meditation in motion – Mondays & Thursdays 7:15pm to 8:15pm
  • Tribe – Synergistic strength – Saturdays 10am to 11am

Make sure you come prepared, wear the correct clothing, leather work gloves, something to drink and an open mind. 

There are several ways to train, some are harder on the body than others. The end result may look the same but the ability to maintain the aggressive training lifestyle may have a negative effect on the psyche.

I will be concentrating on good form of the exercise, after all, it is the most expeditious way to obtain the goals of strength and endurance. My aim as an instructor is to assist a client on the pathway to their success by offering unique training modalities.

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