Master class August 06 A good day was had by all – stay sharp! Team BC – Boys fast pitch – Jan 07I had an excellent day there fellas – I was very impressed, you picked up the exercises quickly – keep up the good work
Calum & Mark (Hockey Jersey’s-Road Hockey Rumble- Freakin funny show guys) and Tim Moshansky (Hockey book Author-excellent for guys like me who don’t know the Hockey terminology- go to @ Urban Rush Jan 07 – Thanks guys nice meeting you.  Good luck with your endeavours Mike, Me and Fiona @ Urban Rush Jan 9th 07 – (To all at Urban Rush, thanks for the opportunity .  The hospitality was excellent – I felt very welcome on the set – epic show by the way!).
Mike, Bruce, Derek and Kev – We all had a bit of a laugh and then we went home, nice park, no tea shop open though. Team BC – Boys fast pitch April.These kids are awsome, I was impressed with thier form and execution of the regime.  Keep it up fella’s
Guro Joel Huncar “Shiny -U -huh-huh!”Andrew “Totally shiny” “I like em, shiny” Coach ChadGuro Roger Agbulos – Astig Lameco Thank you for the kudos’ Guro.
 MAA James Keating with the BFB’s C-Scotty under the watchful eye of Guro Marc Denny
 “Awesome, increased my control, grip and power in a short space of time, loving them’ – Doc, U.K.”
 MMA cross training – we really enjoyed mikes approach to training.  A really quick way to develop Gross Body Mechanics for specific cross training.

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